Words from Mantak Chia at today’s class end

“The practice of Taoism (upon which much Qigong is based) builds internal strength and creates peace of mind.  It is pointless to worry about the world’s problems while still vulnerable to your own.  Do not concern yourself with the lack of peace and harmony in your family or among your friends until you have established peace within yourself.  Your capacity to help another human being depends upon the surplus of energy that you can channel towards that purpose.  Such internal strength cannot be provided for the benefit of others unless you cultivate it within yourself first.”

“You can only share what you have in abundance.  Otherwise, you will drain the energies of those around you as your needs become excessive.  An emotion such as love exemplifies this truth.  Taoism teaches that the body needs love from the inner self to survive and to nurture those energies that can be shared.  Further, you cannot share the energy of love until it overflows beyond the needs of your body.  In other words, you must love yourself to cultivate love for others.”

(What I could have also included:)  “In the spirit of altruism, people often demonstrate their desire to assist others beyond the point of necessity.  This kind of ‘help’ is detrimental to all concerned.  Remember that the tradition of the Healing Tao (Chia’s practice or ‘style’) does not tolerate self-righteousness and condescension among its students.  These attitudes limit the freedom of others to choose their own paths in life.”

“The world must be accepted on its own terms, for we cannot change it.  We have  a responsibility, however, to change ourselves.  If you can set an example for the rest of the world through your life’s endeavors, then you have found the best way to create an impetus for change.”

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