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Although I cannot commit to regular classes, I want to support you in your practice, even in a small way. So, I would like to offer at this time refresher classes for those who are interested:
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th at 8:00 am
Hieratic Series/Hand Sensitivity/Standing Meditation
Meeting ID: 250 544 400
Passcode  213495
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th at 9:00 am
Morning Medical Qigong
Meeting ID: 811 8932 3581
Passcode  438359
This has been the longest I have gone without teaching, or even practicing. But there is always opportunity, even when we are “rusty.” I have found that oftentimes the qi/energy can be accessed in a different, perhaps even more powerful way. The body has an opportunity to break patterns and discover new ones.
Now more than ever, we need to be able to create a place of healing and solace within our lives.
If you wish to join me,
By Donation ~
Checks to P. O. Box 12364, Portland, OR 97212
venmo: @Rose-Allen-28

Student Praise

I want to express my appreciation for this practice and your generosity in offering it. It is such a blessing in my life to awaken the curiosity in my body and spirit. Your teaching is so gentle and clear. ~ Anonymous

As I have practiced these last weeks I have begun to feel the experience of groundedness, being strong in the yin and expression coming from there. I am seeing myself also have a more clear voice and boundaries in my relationship with my partner, and it feels so healthy. ~ Ingrid

It has been such a pleasure to practice qigong with you. Thank you for your generous offerings of classes. I am enjoying being in the river of these forms again… my body and mind and soul all enjoying. I appreciate your teaching style, and your own obvious personal practice which informs it. Thank you for your immersion and your dedication. ~ Susan M.

I’m so grateful to all my fabulous teachers, yourself included, who are sharing their skills with the world right now. Personally, I’m very grateful for the reminder to chillax, which qigong sends through my system. Thank you so much for your generosity and knowledge sharing!! You truly are a master of your craft! ~ Jennifer Delich

Thank you forever and always for you and your gifts, both of teaching and of the power of your presence and humility. Your class has been such a gift. I really can’t imagine what 2020 would have been like without you and your class to anchor and purpose me: you helped lay a foundation of resilience, good health, and growth during this time, thank you. ~ Margaret