Morning Medical Qigong Series

For those of you who are wanting some additional assistance in learning this series, I include here a list of each individual form in order of presentation, along with the primary organ correspondence:

  1. Calming/Spreading the Waters – Kidney
  2. Opening Two Worlds – Lung
  3. Destiny Bridge – Spleen
  4. Five Realms/Five Elements Meets Five Elements – Kidney
  5. Great Soul Bearing/Carry Tiger to the Mountain – Spleen & Heart
  6. Great Spirit Rising/Phoenix Rising – Spleen & Heart (5 & 6 together are known as the “Hinge Set” and create a Yin/Yang balance)
  7. The Beholding/The Greeting – Kidney
  8. Human Home/Yin Yang Palm – Spleen
  9. Silk Road/Silk Reeling – Liver
  10. Turning the Tai Chi Ball – Heart
  11. Condensing the Tai Chi Ball – Kidney
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