For those of you who may not yet be receiving the newsletter, here are a few announcements that were recently sent:

There will be a BREAK for the week of JUNE 29th through JULY 7th.  Classes have been ongoing almost daily now for three meaningful months. This will be an opportunity to further discover a home practice and assess the effects of Qigong on your life.

The Tuesday evening class will be suspended for the time being. However, I will be sure to revisit this series so that it can be retained by those of you who have been attending so consistently.

With this new-found ability to reach practitioners from outside of Portland (aka The Rose City), I have decided to transition from Rose City Qigong to Rose Allen Qigong .

Please know that I fully intend to continue offering classes online. This current situation has changed the lives of each and every one of us. I cannot tell you how much your support and your showing up in your energy for each class means to me.  How beautifully nourishing this has been for my teaching ~ and I hope for you as well.

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