Rose Allen

mir_50761-e1502559019622.jpgQigong Study & Certification

I was first introduced to this practice in 2005 by Daniel Villasenor, now Zhen Dao, at the Portland-based Te School.  Classes included qigong and tai chi, along with regular lectures on Daoism.   In 2011, Zhen chose Santa Fe, New Mexico in which to establish a school.  I relocated from Portland to study at the MogaDao Institute.

I have accumulated hundreds of hours of Qigong classroom instruction over the years, in addition to my own dedicated home practice.  I have also studied with several other Masters.  My teachings include various Qigong series developed by Zhen Dao:  Morning Medical, Yin Tonifying, Yang Tonifying, and the four Seasonal Transition Forms.

While at the Institute, I regularly attended yoga classes, which were taught with an energetic understanding.  Other instruction included Meditation, Internal Alchemy, Gong Fu, and  Sexuality work.  Many focused workshops and several annual week-long Intensives served to deepen my study.

“The MogaDao Institute is a root school in the ancient Daoist sense of the term.  It is a place of cultivation to which students can come to study in a sacred context, and with the most precise instruction, the arts of yoga, qigong, meditation, and Daoist philosophy.  The school is founded on the belief that each of these disciplines communicates essentially with the others toward the development of a vital, healthy body”.


Additional Educational Opportunities

February 2019 – with Professor Kenneth Cohen:  External Qigong Healing                October 2013 – with Master Deng Ming Dao in Taos, NM                                                        May 2015 & May 2013 –  with Professor Kenneth Cohen in Boulder, CO                     October 2010 – Level II ZYQ workshop with Tamara Martynova, Ph.D. in Los Angeles, CA May 2010, 2009, 2008 – Attendance at the annual 5-day Intensive led by Grandmaster                                                   Mingtang Xu, Ph.D.                                                                                     Fall 2008 – Weekend ZYQigong Retreat held at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon             October 2007 – Level I Introductory Workshop in ZYQigong                                              


Teaching History

  • Currently teaching online.  Prior to that, I have been offering classes in several locations in the Portland area since 2017.
  • Regular, weekly classes in the Santa Fe area from June of 2013, when I became the first Certified Qigong Instructor of the MogaDao Institute, until June of 2017.  I was well-regarded in the Institute for my devoted study, attendance and participation.                “A pillar of the Community,” states Zhen.
  • Since 2011, prior to formal certification, I led twice-weekly group practices and tutored students of the Institute for additional study outside of the regular MogaDao classes.