This powerful time of transition that we are currently in requires that we show up in the World as our Best Selves.  Transitions are opportunities to either gain or lose ENERGY.

Let us harness our energies toward what may be the most important work of our lifetime.  How?  By becoming grounded and taking responsibility for our own self care in order to be present and serve as powerful examples to others.

A Qigong practice is a proven tool for doing so.

I invite you to embark on this journey of empowerment and fortitude as

we begin to vibrate at a higher frequency.


Portland Ore Qigong Certified Instructor, Rose Allen.

Rose Allen

Certified Instructor of the MogaDao Institute

Professional Member of the National Qigong Association

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NOTE:  You may be affected by having extra energy!
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By attending Qigong Classes, you agree that you are engaging in a physical activity. You release Rose Allen and Rose Allen Qigong, LLC of any responsibility if you injure yourself while following the livestream classes. You agree that you are participating voluntarily in these classes and assume all risk for participation.


note: some people refer to Qigong and this healing movement as chi gong or chee gong.